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West Dallas is made up of 11 square miles in zip code area 75212. More than one out of every three families live below the federal poverty level. It is surrounded by the Trinity River to the north, Interstate 30 to the south, downtown Dallas and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge to the east, and Loop 12 (Walton Walker Freeway) to the west.

Most of the people in this neighborhood have lived their entire lives on the discarded, damaged products of our society. The demographics of West Dallas compared to the City of Dallas are staggering:

  • West Dallas Family poverty rate = 39% / City of Dallas = 14.9%
  • West Dallas adults never having completed high school = 65% / City of Dallas = 30%
  • West Dallas number of college graduates = 2% / City of Dallas = 28%
  • West Dallas infant mortality rate = 23% / City of Dallas = 4.8%
  • West Dallas households not owning at least one car = 25% / City of Dallas = 10%

The average Pre-K child in West Dallas knows 1,500 to 2,000 words verses his or her peer in more affluent communities in Dallas knows 5,000 to 7,000 words

Population Served by BBHH

Brother Bill's Helping Hand stays committed to its mission of helping people bring change to their lives. Over the years we have seen the positive results of mothers being better prepared to raise their children after participating in parenting seminars. We have watched the change quality health care can bring to a person’s life. We have helped women learn English and find jobs, resulting in a family less dependent on BBHH for the essentials of life.

Below is a snapshot of the BBHH neighbors served in 2013:
  • Unduplicated number of individuals served: 4691
  • Total number of households: 1337
  • Total units of service: 92,421
  • Income: 100% low-income
  • Division of Ages:   38% children,   47.5% adults ages 18 – 59,   14.5% adults 60 and older
  • Ethnicity:   66.6% Hispanic,   31.4% African American,   2% Other
  • Household status:   47.6% married,   51.4% households with children
  • Spanish speaking-only household representative:   39%
2013 Year End Program Report
  • Empowering through Learning Programs:  19,897 Visits   (Bible Study, Devotional Time, English Class, Kids Craft Time, PathWays, National Day of Prayer)
  • Essentials of Life Programs:  62,976 Visits   (Birthday Party in a Bag, Neighbor Day, Back to School Carnival, Grocery Store, Children's Christmas Celebration)
  • Healthy Living Clinic Programs:  6850 Visits   (Adult, Women, Dental, and Eye Clinics, Flu Shots, Labs, Glasses, Mammograms)
  • Health Living Programs:  2698 Visits   (Diabetes, Healthy Eating, Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol seminars, Family Talk/Diaper Day, Mr. Donovan's Sport Camp, Soccer Camp, Super Saturday)
2013 Volunteer Visits / Hours Served:  6309 Visits / 19,141 Hours Served     

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Brother Bill’s Helping Hand
3906 N. Westmoreland
Dallas, Texas 75212

Mailing Address:
PO Box 565846
Dallas, Texas 75356

214.638.2196 Office
214.638.2198 Fax
214.638.2194 Clinic

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On Saturday over 100 dogs and cats received free vaccinations, microchips, pet food, and new leashes.

All of West Dallas is grateful for the opportunity to have a healthier community thanks to the support of a group of foundations, several animal care organizations, and the 13 faith-based ministries that make up Serve West Dallas.
To God be the Glory 
(November 2014)